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A Memorable Birthday Party

When I was a child, my parents always strived to make my birthdays special. They often planned lavish parties for me. My mom always purchased a specialty cake from a local bakery. My cakes were often decorated with my favorite cartoon characters. As an adult, I often enjoy looking at candid pictures of these happy celebrations from my childhood. I want to provide my children with the same type of memorable birthday parties. In order to do so, I plan to hire entertainers. For instance, when they are young, I may hire a clown to entertain them at their parties. When they become teenagers, they might enjoy being entertained by a professional disc jockey at their celebrations. On this blog, you will discover how to plan memorable birthday parties for your kids with the help of professional entertainers.

The Ultimate 60th Birthday Bash: Party Planning For The Forever Young

As a man or woman ages, many people think and assume that their personality and disposition changes along with their physical age. When they plan parties in that man or woman's honor, they choose events and themes that seem "dignified" or "age-appropriate", and as such, the events are often mellow and slightly stuffy. However, not all folks turning 60 enjoy the dignified, age-appropriate, and boring event. If you have a fun-loving friend or family member turning 60 soon, you want to plan a party that will suit their personality and wow them. Fun does not have an age limit. So, get started with a few 60th birthday party planning ideas for the 60-year-old in your life who is forever young. 

Keep It Whimsical

Rather than serve canapes and cocktails at the party, keep the food and drink choices whimsical and playful. Carnival foods, soft drinks, and even slushy drinks can keep it fun and remind party-goers that age is nothing but a number. 

Party rental companies can help you out a great deal with these food ideas. You can rent snow cone machines, vintage-style popcorn makers, candy carts, or cotton candy makers. The food you serve at the party should reflect the guest-of-honor's tastes and preferences. This may involve a little digging and questioning about their tastes throughout the years. If you did not grow up together, consult family members and childhood friends for inspiration.

Hire A Nostalgic Tribute Band

Nobody expects you to be able to find and book your loved one's favorite band from college or high school to play at the party. But if you want to wow them and give them the ultimate throwback party experience, you can find a suitable tribute band for hire. 

Having a live band at the party will make the event even more special for the guest-of-honor and selecting a band that is well-versed in playing the music of their favorite bands or artists will take it to the next level. Make them feel like they are reliving their youth by hiring that band they loved through their formative years. For more information, visit a website like

Don't Forget The Decorations

When it comes to decorating for the party, it would be fun to create a highlight reel (of sorts) of the honoree's favorites throughout their lives. Classic movie posters from their youth and childhood, band posters, or decade-themed decorations can all create a fun, nostalgic feel. 

It may be fun to focus on just one era from their life, such as their teenage or college years. 1960's and 1970's themes are full of fun, vibrant colors that lend themselves well to the whimsical and youthful theme you are going for to keep your guest-of-honor feeling forever young. 

Keeping these basic ideas in mind, you can plan the ultimate 60th birthday party for the forever young birthday man or woman in your life. So, get started planning and remember that 60-year-olds can still have fun and enjoy a fun birthday bash free of canapes and stuffiness.