A Memorable Birthday Party

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A Memorable Birthday Party

When I was a child, my parents always strived to make my birthdays special. They often planned lavish parties for me. My mom always purchased a specialty cake from a local bakery. My cakes were often decorated with my favorite cartoon characters. As an adult, I often enjoy looking at candid pictures of these happy celebrations from my childhood. I want to provide my children with the same type of memorable birthday parties. In order to do so, I plan to hire entertainers. For instance, when they are young, I may hire a clown to entertain them at their parties. When they become teenagers, they might enjoy being entertained by a professional disc jockey at their celebrations. On this blog, you will discover how to plan memorable birthday parties for your kids with the help of professional entertainers.

How You Can Enhance Your 25th Wedding-Anniversary Celebration

Celebrating twenty-five years of marriage is a wonderful feeling for you and your spouse. You may be planning the party of all parties and inviting everyone you know to help you and your spouse celebrate the years you have spent together in marriage. Your anniversary celebration can be greatly enhanced when you take the time to plan ahead for it. Follow these tips for helping you pull off an anniversary celebration you, your spouse, and your guests will never forget. Read More 

Can You Hand Jive? Popular 50s Dances To Learn During Your Next Birthday Party

When you are looking for a different theme for your next birthday party, why not go back in time and have a 50s-themed one? A throwback-to-a-simpler-time party can be a great way to celebrate your special day and make you feel young and hip. Along with decorations that will take you back in time, you can hire a dance instructor to teach you and your party-goers the popular dances from the bygone era. Read More 

Three Myths Surrounding Hypnotist Comedy Shows

For a number of people, the idea of a hypnotist comedy show may seem frightening. The idea of another person taking over your mind, and making you do or say things you don't even realize, makes most people uncomfortable. The idea that a hypnotist will "take over your mind" is just one myth concerning these shows. One of the most overlooked things about a hypnotist comedy show is that it really is meant to be a fun experience, not a stressful one. Read More 

The Ultimate 60th Birthday Bash: Party Planning For The Forever Young

As a man or woman ages, many people think and assume that their personality and disposition changes along with their physical age. When they plan parties in that man or woman's honor, they choose events and themes that seem "dignified" or "age-appropriate", and as such, the events are often mellow and slightly stuffy. However, not all folks turning 60 enjoy the dignified, age-appropriate, and boring event. If you have a fun-loving friend or family member turning 60 soon, you want to plan a party that will suit their personality and wow them. Read More